August 21, 2016
Technical Translations and the High Cost of Inaccuracy
While getting an accurate translation is always the goal, for technical translations accuracy is critically
important. If your technical translation is riddled with grammatical and spelling errors or the intended message or tone is off, it will not only fail to communicate effectively with your…

August 18, 2016
In–Country Reviews for Document Translation
The rationale behind in-country reviews is for companies to have their own local experts review a professional document translation to verify its accuracy and quality. Not only does the in-country reviewer have a solid grasp of both languages, but the reviewer can offer insights into how to best present the material for the local…

August 18, 2016
CE Marking Success Hinges on Accurate Translations
It is likely you are in need of CE marking if you develop machinery, electrical, or medical products that require safety instructions and want to sell those products in Europe. As part of the CE marking process, all safety-related information, such as labeling, instructions for use, packaging, and u…